Executive Team


Wu Guangyu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr Wu was appointed as the CEO of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co Ltd in September 2018. From 2016 to 2018, He was based in Milan and Frankfurt as the General Manager and Board Director of Dagong Europe Credit Rating Srl, the only Chinese Credit Rating Agency operating in the European market. Prior to joining Dagong, Wu was an International Manager with HSBC Group, served in different roles across different business units and locations. From 2015 to 2016, he was based in Hong Kong as Director of Financial Institutions Group with HSBC Asia Pacific. From 2013 to 2015, he was based in Beijing with HSBC China, served as Global Relationship Banker for HSBC's key Chinese clients in the infrastructure sector. From 2010 to 2013, he was based in Dubai, led the establishment of HSBC's first China Desk in the Middle East and North Africa, as the Head of Chinese Multinationals with HSBC Middle East. From 2008 to 2010, he was based in Jersey as the Assistant Regional Manager for HSBC UK's retail banking network in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. In 2005, Wu started his career with HSBC China as a corporate banker based in Shanghai. He graduated from Warwick Business School in the UK, and the Renmin University of China.

Zhou Dugao (Zhou Dawei), Vice Executive Officer

Zhou Dugao holds a Master degree in System Engineering and is an associate professor. Mr. Zhou joined Dagong in July 1997 and is now the Vice Executive Manager of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. Rich in rating management and marketing, he has been working in bond rating market for more than 20 years and been dedicated to research on rating management and business development.

Qian Xiaoyu, Deputy Executive Officer

Qian Xiaoyu owns a Master degree in Finance and Qualification Certificates of security business practitioner, advanced management practitioner in security rating business. She possesses more than 10 years’ experience in finance and credit rating, including but not limited to researches in credit risks and rating methodologies in industrial, commercial and public utilitarian sectors. She joined Dagong in 2009 and served as the Deputy Executive Officer. She is now in charge of coordination of rating and data management, rating project management and process control, project risk control, team management, internal organizational structure construction, and improvement in corporate data system management, etc..

Wang Jing, Deputy Executive Officer

Wang Jing graduated from the University of New England, Australia, with a Master degree in International Business. She specializes in Human Resource and Team Management with more than 8 years’ working experience. She served chronologically, in the Human Resource Department of Anbang Insurance Group, in the Human Resource Department of Dagong Global Credit Rating Group, and now in Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd as Deputy Executive Officer. Her responsibilities include coordination of strategic planning, operating management, personnel administration, and fiscal management.

Xue Bin, Deputy Executive Officer

Mr. Xue owns a Master degree in Management and a MBA diploma in Finance. He is qualified to pursue businesses in security and fund management. He joined Dagong in 2013, serving as the General Manager of Shanghai Subsidiary, Market Inspector-General of the No.2 Department charging the marketing teams from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, and Chongqing. Particularly during his work in Shanghai, he with his team had increased their market revenue more than 10 times with four years. Now, as Deputy Executive Officer of the company, he is in charge of the business strategic planning, motivation policy designing, and management of national marketing teams.

Shi Shumei, CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)

Shi graduated from Renmin University, with a Master degree in Law. She has more than 10 years’ experience in legal risk control, compliance management. She had worked as Deputy Executive Officer in the Legal Risk Control Center in big SOEs, accumulating expertise in juristical regulation and modus operandi in corporate management. She is qualified to serve as juristic professional, security and fund business practitioner. She joined Dagong in 2017 as CCO, her responsibilities include coordination of management compliance, quality control and legal affairs, organizational mechanism design and its continuous optimization.

Xi Ning, Director of the Evaluation Committee

Xi is a PhD in Management from Nankai University, owning qualification certificates of Senior Management Personnel in security rating business, and security business practitioner, and more than 7 years experience in bond credit rating. Xi joined Dagong in 2011, her achievements include participation in the researches in Dagong Credit Rating Methodology, Credit Rating Standard for Local Governments, Corporate Bond Credit Rating Methodology etc., as the main author to accomplish the report writings of credit rating reports on government bond IPOs of Shanghai, Tianjin municipal and Hainan provincial governments. Her expertise in credit rating methodology and industrial credit risk research, together with her practice in credit rating project implementation, have equipped Xi with sounding competence for the incumbent position.

Ma Liying, Inspector-General

Ma owns a Master degree in Economics and qualification certificates of Senior Management Personnel in security rating business, and security business practitioner. Ma joined Dagong in 2012, serving chronologically as the General Manger of the Public Utilitarian Department, Deputy Director of the Evaluation Committee. Ma is specialized in project implementation, credit risk research credit rating model development etc. the experience of Ma covers the spearheading of the rating system optimization, and partaking of special researches in multifarious rating methods and industrial risks. Ma is now mainly in charge of rating management, inter alia the overall supervision of rating process, improvement of rating system, and team management of the analysts.