Product Manual


Ⅰ Training

By virtue of its technical expertise and rich experience in credit rating, Dagong offers full-range and well-targeted training services, which are customized to each and every consumer, concerning credit rating methodology, development of credit system and credit management by organizing seminars and salons.

1. Credit Rating Methodology


Dagong’s methodology incorporates the essence of our company’s original credit rating theories. We serve as a training provider to share Dagong’s theories, technologies, methodologies and relevant knowledge with governments at all levels, industries and enterprises.


Our training would help customers grasp a complete picture of Dagong’s credit rating methodologies for various entities and enhance related concepts and awareness to watch out for credit risks. We would answer questions about methodologies for consumers from various entities and assist them in developing a system to evaluate and recognize credit risks that are faced by themselves and by other entities so that they could produce forecasts and get prepared for the future.

2. Development of Credit System


Considering pervasive credit management in our society and extensive use of credit in social management, it is a must to transform our social management model against such background, the underlying logic and structure of which would be illuminated to the entities that need to establish credit system like governments and industries. We would equip our customers with universal knowledge of China’s credit system status quo, the top-level design, systems and mechanisms, step-by-step instructions, implementation measures and specific models.


We would help governments, trade associations and other relevant entities enhance their credit knowledge so as to establish a more universal credit system in a scientific and standard way as a trailblazer in credit education.

3. Credit Management


In order to control risk and increase value in credit, Dagong has built a full-fledged credit management system, covering countries, sovereignties, local governments, cities, industries, corporates and other financing projects. Therefore, we could offer customized credit management training to different entities, including management system and mechanism, information graphics, collection and databases, evaluation system, early warning system and management platform.

We have various kinds of credit management trainings, covering countries, governments, cities, industries, financial institutions, non-financial businesses, projects and supply chains.


We offer theoretical and technical support as well as top-level design to help our customers with management system development and credit risk prevention and control over their jurisdictions, parties under their regulation, their counterparties and themselves.