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Ⅱ Consulting

According to consumer demand, we offer professional consulting services of green bond verification and evaluation, optimal debt portfolio, credit rating education and internal rating system.

1. Green Bond Verification and Evaluation


Green bond verification and evaluation (GBVE) refers to the conclusions, drawn by proving whether a certain bond is green, determining how environment friendly it is and finding out whether there are supportive measures to ensure that raised funds are used in an eco-friendly way.

The tenor of GBVE is to make sure that the funds raised by green bonds could be properly used in maximizing green benefits through green projects. It is related to where investment goes and how many social and environmental benefits the raised funds can generate. The point is to analyze the key factors that deliver green benefits using raised funds and therefore determine whether the bond is green and then its grades. GBVE is different from common bond credit rating since we do not rate the debt repayment ability of the issuer or the related project.


When investing in green bonds, investors can refer to GBVE to compare their green benefits, which will increase green bond market transparency.

2. Optimal Debt Portfolio


We carry out professional analyses of external environment, industry trends, company’s operational characteristics, structure of assets and liabilities, capital demand and risk tolerance as well as provide enterprises with consulting services and plans of optimal debt portfolio and implementation plans of debt structure optimization.


By offering such services, we could help companies optimize their debt structures, mitigate short-term debt pressure and multiple maturities risk, meanwhile lower financing cost, and finally strike a balance between minimizations of financing cost and debt pressure.

3. Credit Rating Education


We offer customized training services to different entities, including governments at all levels, trade associations and institutions. According to their features and demands, we design corresponding teaching plans and courses, covering credit rating concepts, theories and methodology in a systematic way.


The costumer can look across the whole landscape of credit rating, acquire relevant information of various entities and have their questions answered in this process.

4. Internal Rating


We serve as an internal rating provider to financial institutions like banks and securities firms. Based on Basel II, Dagong’s professional team has developed a way to accurately evaluate borrowers’ creditworthiness, estimate their default rates, fend off credit risks and enhance commercial banks’ ability to manage credit assets from the beginning.


We can help banks, insurance companies, securities firms and other institutions set up internal rating system, grade the risks of loans and other financing means and carry out more scientific and sophisticated risk control.

5. On-line Service


Our analysts, experts and researchers deliver commentaries on hot issues in macro economy, financial market and bond market, who also share news of industries and enterprises and answer questions through the internet, telephone and live streaming.


Dagong has established an internet platform to share information, exchange ideas, interact, smell the trend of credit risk and spread the idea of scientific rating.



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