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Special Research Reports

Ⅱ Special Research Report

In order to have a rapid and accurate grasp of the development trend of the credit risk, Dagong has constructed a monitoring system with high-frequency indicators, which helps the investors catch the updates of credit risk information of the countries, governments, industries and enterprises in an efficient way, thus making prompt decisions to deal with the risk. The monitoring indicators follow the principle of high-frequency (day or week) as well as open and transparency, with a focus on short-term tracking. The indicator changes are published weekly. Meanwhile, we also publish special commentaries on hot topics at irregular intervals and special research reports on market concerns.

1. Special Research on Hot Topics

Commentary on Ukrainian Crisis

Commentary on Greek Debt Crisis

Commentary on the Brexit Referendum

2. Special Research Report

Analysis on the Characteristics and Credit Risk of Project Revenue Bonds

Case study of Cross Default

The Calculation of Sustainable Growth Rate and its Application in Analyzing Debt Repayment Ability

Proposals on Bond Financing Situation and Development for State-owned Industrial and Commercial Enterprises in Chongqing

The Impact of US Interest Rate Hike on Sovereign Credit of Emerging Economies

TPP’s Impact on Global Trade Patterns

Research on the Impact of Macroeconomic Cycle on the Stability of Credit Rating

Research on the Role of Green Bond in Boosting the Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Manufacturing

The Analysis of the Status Quo of Credit Risk and Proposals on Future Development in Municipal Investment Industry

Prospects on the Credit Risk of China’s Asset Backed Securities Industry

Research on Withdrawals of China’s Private Equity Investment and Prospects on Its Future Trend

Distinctiveness in Risk of PPP Projects and Their Rating Difficulties

Research on the Debt Financing Models and Credit Risk of China’s Insurance Companies

Classification and Criteria of Credit Exposure of Local Government Financing Vehicles (LGFV)

Causes and Coping Mechanisms of Credit Exposure in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Bond Market

New Features of Default Risk of China’s Bond Market and its Future Prospects




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