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Dagong has a relatively complete credit service chain towards domestic and international capital market. It sincerely serves the investors with its organization and network system, which has formed the market service system with Dagong’s features.

The market service system is an integrated system of Dagong’s information production and consumption, which has its content, service skill and efficiency. In order to increase efficiency of market service, Dagong follows the marketing concept of ‘specialized, technical and digital”’and made great efforts to establish a competitive market service system through constantly studying customer demands, optimizing organization system, rationalizing market management system and mechanism, building digital market service platform and specialized service team.

To fit in the needs of development in the Internet Age, Dagong actively explores the rating reform under the new circumstances and creates new service pattern of market service system, which makes the customers fully and continually know about Dagong’s products and services; designs the services in every detail so as to transform to digital services. Through continuously serving the customer by providing valuable information, Dagong establishes strong customer information service system; by realizing the organic integration of market and research, it also forms the company’s customer service advantage.

Dagong integrates all the resources in capital market for Dagong Forum for Service of Investment & Financing. The forum serves as an open platform for investors’ communication and trades, which is one of the unique advantages of Dagong for market service. The forum spreads the latest policy and promotes debt investment products to protect investors’ interests, furthering communication and cooperation between investors and fundraisers. This reflects Dagong’s value-added service and its capability to integrate resources.

With 3 branch companies and 8 regional offices radiating more than 30 marketing outlets, Dagong is forming a service network covering over 6,000 rating and over 10,000 information service agencies.


Dagong Group has been operating its global services from its two overseas headquarters — Dagong Global Credit Rating (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd and Dagong Europe Credit Rating srl.

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