Dagong and China International Contractors Association Jointly Released BRIDI

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June 1, 2017, Macau, in the 8th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum, Dagong Global Credit Rating Group and China International Contractors Association jointly published The Belt and Road Infrastructure Development Index (hereafter “BRIDI”).


According to Dagong, under the background of deepening international economic cooperation and coexisting opportunities and risks in infrastructure markets of Belt and Road countries, BRIDI is a systematic project, researching and regularly assessing and analyzing their existing situations, trends, opportunities and risks.


According to BRIDI, the index achievements are composed of 2017 infrastructure development index of the 71 countries including Belt and Road countries and CPLP countries, total index, sub-index of development environment, sub-index of development potential, and sub-index of development trend.


The report suggests that “Belt and Road” initiative has brought benefit of policy in improving the synergetic development of international infrastructure, ASEAN and South Asian countries are expected to usher in a rapid infrastructure development, and that sustainable development theory has provided great potential to infrastructure projects.


Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the following risks. First, since trade and investment protectionism is somewhat picking up, the security of cross-nation infrastructure development has been endangered by geo-political risks. Second, the Belt and Road infrastructure development is plagued by such uncertainties as terrorism, regional conflicts and refugee crisis. Third, sovereign debts are mounting and therefore encroaching the revenues from cross-nation infrastructure development.


The release of the BRIDI will play a significant role in helping countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative discover investment opportunities and reveal the country-by-country risks, as well as offering references to international investors and contractors to exploit the international market of infrastructure development.